EC-Logo-WEB Eons Creative is an experiential marketing and consulting firm with expertise in the design and production of events, brands and digital content. SERVICES: Research and Planning: Big ideas commence as small ones. Whether it’s pitching creative ideas to plan your event or enhancing and implementing the ones you already have, we will help you reach and exceed the goals of your marketing strategy.   Experiential Marketing: Like a good novel or film, a great event must tell a story with your brand as the main character. Our core strength is to help you write that story, match your brand to the right event and connect directly with your target market. By taking care of the event design and production we help guide the event through to success. We ensure that your brand stays at the forefront before and after the event through different communication channels and lead to increased sales, image and awareness.   Brand & Product Launches: Throwing a standout event can generate tons of buzz and we know how to help your brand or product enter the market roaring like a lion. We can design, develop and evaluate the components of your launch strategy to exceed expectations, build customer loyalty, generate publicity and position your brand or product as a dominant force in the marketplace.   Sponsor Profiling: It’s crucial to be prepared when you are asking for sponsorship or partnership support. We can develop a comprehensive profile of your business and present it to potential sponsors and partners when seeking funding or collaboration to move your idea forward.   Social Media, PR and Media Support: We will work with you to develop a strategic plan that will accomplish your objective and stay within your budget. We create press kits and press releases and pitch your story to the press.   Content Creation: Sometimes digital content can help push your brand or event over the edge. We have been awarded in the past for our content and will work with you to write, develop and produce new content that has an excellent chance of making viral impressions.   Non-Traditional Marketing: To reach customers sometimes it is necessary to shift resources and be very creative. We have marketing cards up our sleeve that will help your brand or product to create impact, engage partners, and reach customers.   Please call us to discuss your next step into experiential marketing.   Thank you for considering us,   carolina and michael     (802) 768-8498